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I use GraphQL as a replacement for the REST APIs, allowing me to have a single entry point and fetch just what I need when I need it with the possibility to browse my Eloquent relationships. This also allows me to drastically reduce the number of Controllers for a large number of Models.

The starting point will depend on your actual environnement, personally, I use Laradock, a Docker Compose stack that provides many usefull services ready to use. The following are specific to my way of working and are for information only.

docker-compose up -d workspace nginx mysql phpmyadmindocker-compose…

3 years ago, I was installing PHP Mess Detector for the first time on my Laravel application and after testing somes rules I fall on one rule that changed my programing vision since :

“Else is never necessary and you can simplify the code to work without else.”

The documentation has no hint on how to process to deal with it, normal, it’s not his purpose. However, by forcing myself not to use the “else”, and after reviewing code of my team (about ten people with different level programming and different framework) I noticed that it was the same…

Thomas Sanctorum

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